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Please note that although my beads are 'vintage' they have never been used

NOTE Post cost is 99p on all beads below

White 'blackberry' glass beads x 30

These 10 mm beads come on a string of 30 - they are of course vintage glass beads and I call them 'blackberry' because that is what they remind me of with their 'bobbly bits'

Only £1.50     




Yellow vintage glass beads x 30
These 10 mm beads also come on a string of 30 - what more can I say - the picture says it all!
Only £1.50  




40 Pear shaped Vintage beads

Only £1.50  




White 'teardrop' glass beads

 This pack contains 40 of these glass beads, the size is approximately 12mm long (from top to bottom) 2mm thick and approximately about .7mm across the top. 

I call them teardrop because that is the nearest thing I can think of for their shape

Only £1.50 




White Vintage 'beehive' glass beads
This string contains 20 beads. The size of these beads is approximately 14mm long (from top to bottom) and approximately about 12mm across the bottom

Only £1.50  





Striped Vintage glass beads

These 5mm Striped Vintage glass beads are quite fun!  They come in 8 different colour and are available in a string - as below - or if you require single colours, please ask

Only £1.50 

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