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Below you will see a selection of Glass bead packs. Most of them are vintage and/or antique glass beads - occasionally you will find a few modern (only about 10+ yrs old) glass beads which took my eye and were added to the selection.

I bought these beads around 25-30+ years ago and most of them were over 40 years old at that time.   I used to sell them on ebay a few years ago and I have only recently started to offer them for sale again.

I have been a lace-maker for over thirty five (35) years and I have used these beads to spangle my own bobbins many many times.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or are looking for something specific which is not listed.

I will be very happy to help in any way I can

I spend a lot of time and effort to give my customers satisfaction and I know they are good value.  I hope you find what you are looking for. Thank you!

Any International buyers please contact me for details of postage and packing

Please see below my Packs of Beads on offer at this time 

I am still working on updating these so do please come back and look often.

Vintage Selection of Glass Beads suitable for using in Many Craft Projects, Making Jewellery, Spangling Lace-making Bobbins or anything else you can come up with!!!  Around 275 Gms in weight

Pack 275


Plus p&p £1.85 (First Class) Total Payment = £7.85

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There is a smashing variety included in this pack of approx 275gms + or - a little (usually more) and I know from past experience that anyone purchasing them will be more than pleased with their purchase.
Please note that selections will probably vary a little - I never said I was perfect!


You will find more selections of beads below








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