My Biggest Passion is Lacemaking


I have been a lacemaker for almost thirty years and I have taught lacemaking for a long time.  It is in fact, my biggest passion (with the exception of my husband!).   He calls himself a lace widower at times but I expect some of you know that one!

I live presently in Scotland, where I have been for a good few years now and Yes! it is cold !!!!

As well as actually making lace - my next biggest passion is teaching and promoting lacemaking and this is a large part of my reasons for attempting to set up this site - so that I can again enjoy doing just that.

I will be adding things as I go along and as I get used to working with my web site, so please bear with me until I get it right.

You will also find on the web site my free factsheet giving instructions on "How to make a  Traditional Straw Lace Pillow" so if this interests you please go to Pillow Talk for the details.

 I am still pretty new to all this so I'm afraid that's all for now but I will be back soon!!  However, even if you'd just like a "Lace Chat" please don't hesitate to e-mail me! I will be very happy to hear from you.

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